Caption Contest: The Winners!

Last Friday, our contributor and friend Justin Wolfers decided to have some end-of-the-week fun and run a caption contest for a pretty amusing picture he came across. The response was great: the post got more than 170 comments. As promised, we picked a winner based on the number of thumbs-up approvals given.

Here’s the picture again for reference:

President Obama with Treasury Secretary Geithner, while NEC Director Gene Sperling looks on.

That lucky, and witty winner, is VB in NV, who posted the following less than 10 minutes after the post went live:

“I checked the vault Mr. President, and we’re down to a stack of twenties about this high.”

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We’re going to give you some Freakonomics swag, VB, so watch out for an email from us. Thanks to everybody for participating!

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  1. Joshua Northey says:

    Its a great comment and worthy winner, but what do you think the bonus was for being first? Was it really the best comment? I know I only read about 15.

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    • PJ Thompson says:

      This is the problem with all votes on posted comments- readership drops off rapidly after the first few comments. Forget it if you require the reader to click to the next page.

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  2. Caleb b says:

    I still say the Top Gun reference was the best.

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  3. D2 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. rgj says:

    it’s a fun idea, but obviously your “like” system is always going to weight the early entries.

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