Talk Back: Tell Us Your Election Stories

Ever notice anything strange around town when elections are coming up?

Our latest podcast, “Wildfires, Cops, and Keggers,” looks into the odd by-products of electoral politics — that is, not just which politicians get elected, but what kind of below-the-radar shenanigans happen before (and sometimes after) an election, usually inspired by how an incumbent’s incentives are lined up. Maybe property taxes dropped in the run-up to an election, only to spike once an incumbent had won another term. Maybe more cops and firemen were hired during campaign season.

Given that many of these election-cycle fluctuations occur in less-scrutizined local elections, we want to hear from you any interesting examples you’ve witnessed. Tell us your election stories in the comments below! 

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  1. Allen Hughes says:

    Gary Johnson is his name. New Mexico is his state. Time for all conservatives to stand up for what is right

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  2. Kelly O says:

    I’m sure this phenomenon is not limited to my area, but I always see a noticeable drop in gas prices prior to any major election. While it could be coincidence, the lower prices seem to last only as long as it takes to tally the votes. In fact, gas prices have already risen by $.20+ since our election this month in my state.

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