Answer to Our Nudge Photo Contest

The results are in from the nudge photo contest we posted on Monday. Thirty-six out of 103 responses got it exactly right: to stop folks from urinating on the wall.  Many also wrote that it was to prevent grafitti, so close but not (as I’ve been told) the exact motivation.

The first to answer correctly was, Skyjo, whose response was third overall.

Of the 36 correct answers, we randomly chose comment #63 by ann, “So that people won’t urinate on the wall as a sign of respect.”

Nudges aren’t just for humans. Here is a photo, also from Jan Chipchase, of a similar nudge with the same exact goal of  reducing public urination. This time the target is dogs, not humans.


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  1. Jonas Kongslund says:

    There also exists signs to prevent dogs from engaging in public defecation.

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  2. MattieShoes says:

    Reminds me of a story from the book “Predictably Irrational”, where the rate of theft of office snacks went down when there was a sign with eyes on it next to the goodies.

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  3. RPM says:

    So, in China, even the dogs can read?

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  4. frankenduf says:

    ill bet a bucket would work even better

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  5. Skyjo says:


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