FREAK-est Links

  1. How doctors die — “not like the rest of us, but it should be.”
  2. Not a good idea to fake your mother’s death to get bereavement leave.
  3. Another argument in favor of a low-carb, high-fat diet.
  4. SI poll confirms Freak Radio “boo” podcast: Philly fans the toughest.
  5. Six double-yolk eggs in a row: what are the odds?
  6. The legacy — economic and otherwise — of forced sterilization.
  7. The rise, fall — and rise? — of peer-to-peer lending.




Matthew Philips

yup, thanks!


A great argument for the paleo diet -


Double-yolk eggs can be visually distinguished by their size. If you adjust to a sufficiently high false-negative rate (i.e. let enough of the double-yolked ones get into the regular stock), you can achieve a very low false-positive rate (i.e. you can very reliably pick out eggs that are double-yolked).

The grocery around the corner from me often sells flats of 15 double-yolked eggs. I usually buy those when they have them, and I don't think I've ever found a single-yolk egg in one of those flats.


There are two questions with the egg yolks:

- What are the chances of /you/ getting 6 double-yolk eggs in a row?
- What are the chances of /somebody in the world/ getting 6 double-yolk eggs in a row?

The old birthday problem again...