Got a Question for Mark Cuban? Ask Away …

Mark Cuban is known for a lot of things: the well-timed sale of to Yahoo!, which made him rich; his high-profile ownership of the Dallas Mavericks (and co-ownership of the media company 2929 Entertainment); his cameos on Entourage, and much more. (FWIW, Forbes pegs Cuban’s net worth at $2.3 billion.)

Now Cuban has  published an eBook, How to Win at the Sport of Business. It is a compilation of greatest hits from Blog Maverick. Cuban did a Q&A on our blog a few years ago and is now back for more.

So fire away with  your questions in the comments section below and, as always with Q&A’s, we’ll post Cuban’s answers in short course.

To prime the pump, here’s the table of contents from How to Win:

PART ONE: The Dream
PART TWO: Lessons Learned: My First Business Rules
The Sport of Business
The One Thing in Life You Can Control: Effort
Scatterbrained and in College – Being Focused at 21 is Overrated
What Are You Destined to Be?
You Only Have to Be Right Once!
What I Learned from Bobby Knight
Drowning in Opportunity / Winning the Battles You Are in
Don’t Lie to Yourself
The Best Equity is Sweat Equity
What Will You Remember When You Are 90?
Connecting to Your Customers
It’s OK to Be a Whiner
The Path of Least Resistance
Need a Job?
Taking No for an Answer and Other Business Mistakes
Living in a Tense Economy, aka Sometimes You Have to Say “WTF!”
Why You Should NEVER List to Your Customers
Twelve Cuban Rules for Startups
Twelve Cuban Mantras for Success

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How can I work on your investment team?
Thank you

David Fuegy

I have a great business idea, admmitedly not as good as drawing cats, but still good. I'm afraid of sharing my idea because I'm afraid of theft. How do I protect myself short of a patent?


What would you suggest as a first step for a wannabe entrepreneur saddled by lots of student loan debt? I've got a fancy education but I just want to start my own business... but I have big loan payments each month. Ack.


Loved your book, by the way. You're an inspiration.



I understand why you did it...but did you know it was going to be so BAD and possibly ruin your entire reputation? Of course I'm talking about your Entourage cameos... and no it's not your fault, I blame Turtle.

By the way, Congrats on your recent Championship! Any interest in turning those faux Tequila stocks into a bid for the New York Knicks? Maybe just trade the franchises straight up? Please save us from Dolan!!

From a Passionate NY fan and former Entourage junkie,



Mr. Cuban,

A few years back there were rumors that you were in the market to buy a Major League Baseball team, and given that you are from the Pittsburgh area, naturally, the Pirates were thrown into the conversation. As a Pittsburgh native and Pirates fan, that was an exiting possibility to me, and I was disappointed when it didn't come off.

So my question is, is there some barrier to entry or other reason Major League Baseball did not appeal to you as an ownership possibility? I ask because, other than the possibility that the rumors were completely bull, I assume a decision to stay out of the MLB was a business decision made on logical grounds. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.




Why align yourself with the inhumane practice of greyhound racing for a Skechers ad? Is the promotion of you in the ad part of "Never Listen to Your Customers"?

David Fuegy

Why is Greyhound racing inhumane?

Pete Incaviglia

I know you have heard this a trillion times but there`s a lot of people with common and boring jobs out there who would like to change careers and enter the business of sports. Would you recommend them to follow their dream and do whatever it takes to enter the business or would you say that when you hit a certain age (let`s say 30) you should focus on life and forget about certain unattainable dreams? Thanks.


when making decisions related to business, would you base it 100% on pure facts and numbers or gut feelings or a mix? How much does each play into your decision making are have you ever regretted the choice?

Matt Dacey

Mark, can you please buy the Mets?


I think the NBA refs are probably the best in the world, and generally want to call the game right. But personal bias & crowd influence make it impossible for a ref to fairly ref a game among these large, very quick men. I am among at least several sports fans that consider the NBA unwatchable because of the uneven officiating that cannot only influence but alter the outcome of games and even series. What can be done?



As an aspiring entrepreneur, with ideas aplenty, but none necessarily perfected, do you think it's prudent to leave an established position in corporate America to chase dreams that are not necessarily on the verge of coming to fruition? In other words, can one afford to leave a reasonable salary and benefits with no promise of success on the frontier? If not, how would you get comfortable enough to do so? Thanks very much.


What skill that you did not naturally have that you had to learn to first become successful?

On the flip side, what was your natural skill/attribute that most contributed to your success?

Kelly C


I am an outstanding writer.. I'm a pretty decent business mind. (just graduated with a BS. BA). The problem? I am having trouble choosing between business, journalism, or a combination of both.

Clearly, the business arena made you your money, but how was the book writing process?

I wish I was a dumb kid that could live on Ramen and have 6 room mates, but in reality, I'm a 40 yr old with a family. The day job is horseshite, but it pays the bills and I lack the testicular fortitude to venture out. Not with small children to look after..

Pearls of wisdom, spew forth.......



I am a senior at Texas Tech University majoring in Sports Marketing & Management. What advice would you have for me once I graduate in May?

Thank You,


I manage a direct sales team that sells a document management software solution for small-med size businesses. I think cold calling is a losing battle as the market is too noisy and sales cycles are too long. Instead I would like to invest energy/money into SEO and PPC and grow the sales team as leads grow. Cold call vs. SEO/PPC?



I know the world of restaurants is tricky and possibly a total crapshoot , but would you have any advice to someone who would want to get into the business someday in the future? Have you delved into the business yourself? Everybody has got to eat right?!?

Would love to get your feedback,



Why do you think the growth rate in compensation for C-level executives in public companies has outpaced the rest of the economy so drastically over the last 30 years? This seems a bit counterintuitive considering they accept less personal risk than executives of private companies, have less control due to an increase in the number of stakeholders and bureaucratic inertia, and generally seem to make poor economic decisions (not utility maximizing).

Garett B

My passion is in sports. I live it each and everyday. Like you, my ultimate dream would be to own a sports franchise. For me though, it would be in the MLS. Where do you recommend starting? (Can one be your under study by chance?)