Financial Literacy Solutions, Information-Design Edition

In our latest podcast, “What Do Hand-Washing and Financial Illiteracy Have in Common?” we talked about America’s financial literacy problem, a topic we’ve written about before. In the podcast, two Council of Economic Advisers chairmen discuss the role of financial illiteracy in the recession. And economist Annamaria Lusardi and legal scholar Lauren Willis offer their solutions to the problem.

Two designers, Tristan Cook and Thomas Nelson of Humans in Design, also have a pitch. Here’s a video of their proposal: mortgage statements for the 21st century. There’s a lot of worthwhile stuff in it.


Tristan Cooke

Actually Tom is American - but thanks for the post! We've gone significantly up in views. Really hope to get some more feedback.


After listening to this podcast and reading some of her blog, I was wondering if there are any recommendations that have been made by Dr. Lusardi as to some specific resources to seek-out for our personal financial illiteracy issues? Thank you.