Happy Valentine’s Day: Economist Edition

 You might think that the dismal science has very little to offer on matters of the heart.  But I disagree.  And so does Elisabeth Fosslien. She’s a brilliant young analyst interested in design, math, and economics. Yes, she’s the sort of person who dressed up as a bear market for Halloween.  All this makes her the perfect person for economics-themed data visualization. And so when #FedValentines lit up Twitter last week, she decided to go a step further, and provide the perfect valentine for the economist in your life.  Make your selection, below:


And yes, this last one is my favorite.  I’m printing it out right now, for Betsey

These are brilliant!  And thanks to Elisabeth for both producing them, and allowing me to share them with you.  Now is there a book in this for her?  I would love to see a chart-of-the-day calendar of econo-wonky goodness.

And if you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy some of Elisabeth’s past work, including:

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. De La Toro says:


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  2. Christl Upchurch says:

    I enjoyed very much looking at your funny graphs. You are a genius!

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  3. Lin Xu says:

    This is such a classic! Love it so much. You definitely made my day =)

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