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  1. Can a company called Dwolla drastically reduce vendors’ credit-card fees? (HT: Anthony Farrell)
  2. A potential “game-changer in the field of [organ] transplantation” — stem cells from the donor may replace anti-rejection drugs.
  3. Teaching math in prison. (HT: Arts & Letters)
  4. Writer’s block? New study on the best time of day to be creative.

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  1. Russell VanScotter says:

    Freakonomics is a great book, and should be required reading for all Americans.

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  2. robyn goldstein says:

    There is a difference betwee “writers block” and a scientist getting organized. In the latter case, it amounts to the time it takes for one to piece the “original” parts of the puzzle together. As I see it, it’s the difference between “blocked” and playing with blocks. When you get it- that’s it!

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