Opera Toilet

(Photo: Walter A. Aue)

Sometimes what might not seem like complements become such because of location.  I came across a restroom in a Vienna underground station that had the sign “Opera Toilet” above the entrance.  Clearly, the City must believe that natural bodily functions and listening to arias are complements, at least for customers in this most operatic of cities, the residence of Beethoven, Mozart and many Strausses.  Presumably in Nashville now or soon, one will find the “Country Music Toilet.”  What other such complements exist?

Andreas Moser

I found this open toilet in Venice: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/rio-de-la-toletta/

reazul huq

At Delhi: Raga toilet


To be fair, in that part of Vienna it seems that EVERYTHING is Opera themed.

It's like going to Disney and being surprised to see a Mickey Mouse themed restroom.


If I were back in Vienna, I'd use my money for another cheese-wurst instead of paying for a restroom though. Mmmm.

Big Don

There's no place like home when you have to...................


I don't think it's all about the opera. The appeal might be the sound of music that will hide the noises made by bodily functions. Some people need masking sounds in order to relieve themselves in public toilets. In Japan, I have seen toilets in restrooms in hotel lobbies that will play "flush" sounds or soothing music. Also, home-toilet models are available that offer a variety of sounds, even a quacking duck.

Should anyone not be able to find a music-making commode in Japan, now your phone will do it: http://www.stippy.com/only-in-japan/iphone-app-virtual-toilet-flush-sound/

By the way, I was kidding about the duck sounds.


At the beach you can often find a coin OPERAted toilet


I have visited the Opera Toilet while in Vienna a couple of summers ago. It was on an emergency basis and I was extremely happy to find it at the time. It is well-maintained (this is Vienna, of course, so one would expect no less), reasonably priced, and, as I recall, classical music was playing in the background.


At the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, Australia, they had Charlie Chaplain films projected onto the floor right in front of your feet. So, as you partake in the facilities, you're still absorbing art of sorts! The individual cubicles themselves were much larger than most, pleasantly-lit and well-kept -- it was a very enjoyable restroom experience, and the movie caused me to extend my "visit". (It made me wonder why they would incentivise people to spend longer in the restrooms; there was usually a small queue.)

As an aside, the gallery itself is one of the best new galleries in Australia and well worth a visit -- fancy toilet movies aside!

Chuck Meitner

I saw it when I was in Vienna as well. I took the same picture. My first thought was that it was built for people who really do give a crap about opera.