Today Only: Buy Your Own Town

A small town in Wyoming is going up for auction today. Buford, Wyoming, has just one resident – Don Sammons – and he’s putting the town up for sale. From the official auction description:

The Buford, Wyoming, auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire an entire town, along with the Buford Trading post, an income-producing convenience and fuel store. Included in the auction are 10+/- acres of land, five buildings, United States Post Office P.O Box, liquor license, inventory, furnishing, tools, plow and 3 vehicles. There is also a Union Wireless cellular tower with lease, and parking area previously used by an overnight shipping company for night time trailer switches. 

The online auction starts at 2 p.m., E.S.T. The opening bid has been set at $100,000, with a required deposit of  $50,000.

(HT: Katherine Wells)


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  1. Ryan says:

    Halfsies, anyone?

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  2. Jack says:

    I stopped here and bought gas while driving from New York to Seattle about 12 years ago. Back then it was population 2. When I asked the owner where the other resident was, he said it was his son, who was off at college at the time.

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  3. Casey says:

    For those curious, it sold for $900k to a Vietnamese buyer.

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