Football Freakonomics: How Do Players’ Body Clocks Affect Their Performance?

I have been lucky enough to visit the secret lair at NFL headquarters where a crew of industrious people tries each year to come up with an NFL schedule that pleases every team, player, TV network, fan, mayor, police department, religious official, and sports pundit in America.

This is of course impossible.

But they do try their best, and in today’s Times there’s a nice article by Judy Battista about how this year’s schedule was made by the NFL’s Howard Katz and his team.

After you look over the 2012-13 schedule, you might also want to take a look at the latest Football Freakonomics video we’ve done for the NFL Network. It considers the “body clock” factor on teams’ schedules:

Only 138 more days ’til the season begins!

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  1. brent says:

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    • Kevin says:

      You realize that the 16 teams each team plays are set by a formula, right? All based on their divison and record. You knew at the end of week 17 exactly who the Patriots would play and where, just not when.

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  2. The Dandler says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t ask Tebow what he thought. I hear he knows the guy who KNOWS about time and stuff…


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