FREAK-est Links

  1. Do wind farms affect air temperature? And are we finally starting to solve the mysteries of clouds?
  2. How dangerous are chairs?
  3. Does playing music make kids more compassionate?
  4. Strategic losing for Chinese Olympic badminton sweep? (HT: Mayur Misra)
  5. Warren Buffett spots another winner.

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  1. Ben Miller says:

    It’s frustrating to see that first link, to a story that wildly misrepresents the findings of the study–a study which revealed only local temperature fluctuations. Wind farms have no relationship whatsoever to climate change (in contrast to the headline of the Telegraph article, “Wind farms can cause climate change”). There’s plenty of accurate press coverage of the study (like this:, but you’ve chosen instead to link to the most sensationalist article. Even a glance the study’s abstract ( quickly reveals the Telegraph article to be disingenuous. I’d like to think Freakonomics would conduct that absolutely minimal due diligence before directing readers to such poppycock.

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