FREAK-est Links

  1. Is a new cut of steak worthy of a patent? (HT: Eric M. Jones)
  2. First there were metrosexuals; now meet the urban datasexual. (HT: Jeff Bladt)
  3. Is flopping a problem in the NBA?
  4. Fighter pilot Mary Cummings explains robotic crop dusting.
  5. Corporate takeovers: they trim the fat, including corporate jets.
  6. Does the ability to feel guilt make for great leaders?
  7. Evidence that director John Waters still hitchhikes.

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  1. Jose Carlos Garuba says:

    “Flopping” is something stolen from soccer. Soccer players try all the time to fake a fault. It’s almost part of the game to be “that good” at faking injuries.

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  2. ryan says:

    regarding #5, “A study soon to be published in the Journal of Finance suggests that private equity investors like Romney may be sticking it as much to the top 1 percent as to blue collar America.”

    How can they possible equate losing your job with losing access to a corporate jet?

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  3. Chris Callahan says:

    Regarding link #1:

    “The Vegas Strip is the brainchild of Tony Mata, of industry group Mata & Associates, who approached Nelson and the FAPC for help developing the cut.”

    This makes me think of the Ministry of Silly Walks applicant who thinks he can make his walk very silly with additional funding.

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