Should We Auction Off Our Twitter Allegiance?

As @VikingPlastics (a “global supplier of engineered sealing solutions” in Corry, Pa.) correctly notes, @freakonomics has a lot of followers but we do not follow anyone. In fact, we made a podcast about this. We briefly followed Marketplace‘s Kai Ryssdal, but have returned to our anti-social ways.

So Viking has made us a cash offer to follow it:

They have been upping their bid incrementally:

While $9 isn’t too bad, I am wondering if we should perhaps auction off the rights to be an exclusive follower, with the proceeds going to charity (and at least $9 to Viking Plastics for giving us the idea)? Anybody interested in running this auction for us?


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  1. brandon says:

    $15 to follow @novationmobile : ), and we don’t even tweet.

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  2. slug | says:

    Oooh but what kind of auction to have???

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    • kilroy says:

      You know, I dont think I’ve ever seen a definite answer given to that– Sealed bidding? Timed? Time extended after every bid?

      Actually, I guess reverse engineering the scam websites probably means that charging everyone a small amount (say, 50cents) for each bid (successful or not) is the best way.

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  3. Dave Diamond says:

    It’s funny that you mention your non-following. I was on Twitter earlier today and in their “Who to follow” section — I know, it should be “whom” but I’m just reporting the facts — they told me I should follow so-and-so because they are ::drum roll:: “followed by freakonomics”

    So in spite of the fact that you aren’t following anybody (which I double-checked), Twitter is promoting somebody else based on the notion that you are!

    It’s still on my screen if you want to fly up to NH and see — or I could send you a screen capture, but I can’t promise you a small bag of airline peanuts.

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  4. @ThatGuyKC says:

    That is a great idea! I can think of a number of great charities. Would the winner get to pick?

    I can help you run the auction.

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  5. Daniel G says:

    9 bucks? Viking Plastics just got a whole lot more than $9 worth of publicity in this blog post.

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  6. Rawklobster says:

    I am Presenting at @angelhack as a FINALIST next week. Give me a chance to auction it to the major “dot commies” who will be attending.

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  7. Jason says:

    Have you read what happened when Conan O’Brien (comedian) followed one random girl. Really funny the instant fame it created for her:

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  8. Bearman says:

    I’ll give you $8

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