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?Amazon now offering delivery lockers at 7-Eleven stores
In Japan, Amazon has launched this service several years ago.
The service is very convenient because the customer don't have to stay home to wait the delivery and can pick up the delivery at any time.


"New study: 84 percent of Americans will earn more than their parents."

Elizabeth Warren's book would rip this claim to shreds. Too bad the Post columnists apparently missed the memo.
"The Two Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke"

Households are not people. If my dad was able to support the family on one income while mom raised the kids, but now my wife and I must both work to make ends meet and our combined income exceeds my dads, then I am among the 84%, according to the deceptive study.

Male median income is less than it was 40 years ago.


Ever stop to think that the reason you're having more trouble making ends meet than your dad did is because you've chosen to place those ends a lot further apart? Your dad probably paid for less house per person (both absolute size & amenities), had one car, didn't pay for cell plans, 100+ channels of cable, took the family camping in a tent instead of a 40-foot RV... And didn't pay for all that stuff with a credit card charging 18% interest.


Well you are right about housing costs. Elizabeth Warren made an excellent point in her book about the need for middle class parents to find a house in the right neighborhood, where the schools are better. America has changed a lot and it has gotten to be that the large numbers of neighborhoods have schools that most of us would not want to send our children too.

Many, many formerly acceptable schools in America have changed dramatically for the worse across the last generation. Now people clamor for and must pay up to get a house in the right school district. This was Elizabeth Warren's point, not mine.