Drug Dealers in the Netherlands Now Selling Marijuana

A few months ago, I discussed the tourist drug ban in the Netherlands, with a focus on my town, Maastricht.  NPR just ran a story on the intermediate term effects of the new regulations.  Some of the “coffee shops” (places where one could buy a pre-rolled or roll-you-own joint for €3) have reopened, as I predicted; others have not. Unsurprisingly, what has happened is that drug dealers, who previously had dealt only in hard drugs, are now also selling marijuana illegally.  While total consumption of weed has probably dropped, buyers are worse off, as are coffee-house owners, with the main beneficiaries being drug dealers.  As always, something that raises price in a legal market will increase demand in the illegal market.


This is what happens when you make things illegal.

People will get what they want.


when i arrived in holland 4o years ago it was illegal so i made lots of money selling it.We did a parade on the Maliveld in Den Haag to legalize it.Seems nothing has changed in 40 years




Well that escalated quickly only a few months in to the tourist ban.

Ugly American

The police state needs enemies to justify their existence.

If they don't have them, they will create them.

Also, the plutocrats want everyone to be unsatisfied so they can be tricked into going into buying things they don't need.

People who smoke cannabis are more likely to realize life is better spent with friends and family rather then working 60 hours a week to pay for a car that will be worthless in 10 years.


And that is how you turn marijuana into a "gateway drug"


"Come back to the dark side, it's not so bad."



Mixing the soft drug and hard drug market could have unforeseen consequences, who knew?


Stupid move on the Netherlands. I am sure it has something to do with the US influencing policy. You aren't going to quiet the demand for marijuana. The US is finally realizing that as states like Colorado are considering legalizing it and juries are refusing to convict people for the offense.

Fitty Stim

It has absolutely nothing to do with the US (a wee too much self-importance on your behalf).

It has everything to do with obnoxious tourists (primarily from the UK) who get baked and trashed and then run-around the red light district making asses out of themselves.

Cees Timmerman

Fresh shrooms got banned over the deaths a couple of insane tourists (who may not even have used them), but pot and qat problems are people taking up all the nearby parking spaces because they can't get it locally.


I have always wondered at the US enforcement of a ban on alchohol for 18 to21 year olds - not just that its banned (it isn't in the UK) but that some much effort and money is spent on enforcement.


Parents somewhere appreciate that their kids have less access to drugs. As a parent, I don't want my children to become druggies.


Your kids have easier access to illegal drugs than those that are regulated.


What is rarely appreciated is there are people who are (1) high IQ / conscientious / future oriented and people who are (2) lower IQ / lower conscientiousness / lower future oriented people.

Those who stylishly pontificate on and advocate for the elimination of laws that relate to good behavior are almost always type (1), who associate mainly with and live around each other.

Meanwhile the people who are apt to become more screwed up when laws that relate to good behavior are removed are almost always type (2) people, who associate mainly with and live around each other.

Type 2 groups have descended to extraordinary levels of dysfunction in the last 50 years while type 1 groups remain happily oblivious. Except for that pesky crime rate, which we keep in check largely with incarceration rates that are almost unprecidented in world history.

It will be hard to remain oblivious since the proportion of type 2's is rapidly growing in relation to type 1's.