Mr Black

Wouldn't it be a better idea for the Jags coach to publicly state that he is donating $250 for every TD that doesn't incur a 15 yard penalty? Knowing that they will cost the RMD charity $500 everytime they flag a celebration would have to deter the refs from assessing the penalty. Players get to celebrate, coach doesn't have to watch the excessive celebration get called, charity gets the donation.


Kudos to Freakonomics for not making me login with a password when I want to comment. Most websites require passwords for the tiniest little thing, and this leads to us having hundreds of passwords on sites that are then prone to hacker attacks. I think I would be more secure if I only had passwords for the key things - email, finances, etc.


"One thing people are really good at for example is differentiating faces."

Who's people, though? I'm not good at faces - I almost never recognize someone from a photo - and I imagine the blind would have even more difficulty.

I'd also suggest devoting some thought to when passwords and other security are really necessary. I have a standard, simple password for all the forums I participate in, because what do I have to lose (or they to gain) if someone posts with my screen name? On the other hand, nobody's likely to hack my wireless password, 'cause I turned the wireless part of my router off, and hard-wire everything.


But TD dances are fun!

I'd like to see some individual/company with a fun-loving image pledge $1000 for everytime Mularkey withholds a donation.