FREAK-est Links

  1. Do images of babies help curb crime? A graffiti social experiment in southeast London. (HT: Alex Berezow)
  2. Stanford startup Maykah creates toys for girls that encourage them to study math and science.
  3. Amazon’s election map. (HT: Flowing Data)
  4. Brown University’s student radio show also looks at whether college is worth it.
  5. FREAK-shot: an ATM machine that offers risk-free gambling. (HT: Lou Wigdor)

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  1. Rosewood says:

    I wonder if on that gambling Automated Teller Machine machine you have to put in your Personal Identification Number number.

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  2. Caleb B says:

    On ATM: So why wouldn’t I withdrawal as much as I could as many times as I could? When I run out of money, go to a bank and deposit the cash.

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    • Seminymous Coward says:

      That likely has a much lower expected value than you suspect. Most ATMs have per-day withdrawal limits, and the fraction of $50 bills is not specified. Your time executing this plan and traveling to and from the bank branch is hopefully not worthless.

      In any case, I doubt the bank cares if you withdraw your daily maximum and redeposit it there for every day of the promotional period. Is there some reason you would expect that to bother them?

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  3. John C says:

    Re “Baby-face defence shield”:  On the other hand, if the saying, “like taking candy from a baby” holds true….

    In either case, I think we have the pilot for Levitt’s new TV show. 

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