FREAK-est Links

  1. You too can outsource your job to China.
  2. What are all those bacteria doing in the troposphere? (academic paper/press summary)
  3. How much of your state’s road budget is funded by the government?
  4. North Korea gets the Google Maps treatment.
  5. Israel 1 of 3: A (very very very) deep dive into the ouster of Shai Agassi from Better Place.
  6. Israel 2 of 3: Preparing for the Syrian war endgame in the Golan.
  7. Israel 3 of 3: Has someone already attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities?

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  1. Dr. Van Nostrand says:

    #3: Do transportation studies ever take into account the cost of operating a car on public roads? This is a cost bore by the user.

    It seems like this would be necessary to make an accurate comparison to mass transit costs

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  2. SunnyvaleCA says:

    “How much of your state’s road budget is funded by the government?”

    That’s an easy one: ZERO. The government doesn’t produce anything. All of government spending comes from collecting taxes from taxpayers. Therefore, the taxpayers–in one way or another–fund all of the road budget.

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