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A couple times a year, we take reader/listener questions for an FAQ (FREAKquently Asked Questions) episode of our podcast. We’ll likely put out next FAQ in mid-April, so ask us your questions in the comments section below. Thanks.

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  1. Jonathan Bracey Gibbon says:

    Can you guys turn your attention to the truth behind the gun control debate. Do more guns really equal fewer gun crimes?

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  2. Sam Taylor says:

    (I guess this question is more directed towards Levitt)

    How did you determine topics to research? How do you deal with topics where data is generally unavailable?

    (I’m a grad student working on a paper for my Advanced Econometrics class and could use a little inspiration!)

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  3. sindre says:

    hello guys.

    does anyone know how much money, total, there is in the world? And if it is so that value i.e. money can “dissapear” stock exchanges etc. what is the theoretical minum value of the whole world?

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  4. Javier Luna Victoria says:

    It is true –according to Milton Friedman- that illegal immigration is good as long as is kept illegal?

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  5. gerry says:

    how do you guys deal with wine snob friends after your analysis? do you bite your tongue or say something? If so, what do you say?

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  6. Slimpickering says:

    I find it incredibly annoying that normally economically rational people have a total blind spot for immigration. If you were President, what immigration policy would you be pushing for?

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  7. Gabrielle Feinholtz says:

    All about the health exchanges – Where do you find your own states? What if they ate relying on the Feds? How does one effect a “rebate “? By what mechanism can one compare coverage? All that and more….please & thank you! eaee

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  8. Doug says:

    Is there a relationship between the wealth and/or income inequality in various states in the US and the political leanings of those same states?

    For instance, does Texas have a higher or lower income inequality than Massachusetts?

    Or, what correlates to wealth and/or income inequality in various states when only evaluating an individual state?

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