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A couple times a year, we take reader/listener questions for an FAQ (FREAKquently Asked Questions) episode of our podcast. We’ll likely put out next FAQ in mid-April, so ask us your questions in the comments section below. Thanks.

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  1. Rafael Santos says:

    Should the US and China enter a new cold war to save the world’s economy?

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  2. Michael Pollesch says:

    What is driving up the “high cost” of healthcare? Is it our aging population? Longer life expectancy? Rising cost of drugs and their influence on the system? Or something else?

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  3. Steve Cebalt says:

    What is the most common logical or rational fallacy that you encounter, other than confusing correlation and causation?

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  4. Jeff Collier says:

    I own two business in a metro market. More and more, we are being extended on payments from large businesses including contractors, manufacturers, and retailers…. not the normal 30 days, but some as long as 120 days. Think it would be interesting to see the real cost and effects these extensions of payments has on business and the economy. What are these large cash cows doing with this small amount of cash they are hording?

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  5. Minnie says:

    What would you recommend to students who are looking for a job which allows them to pay back their student loans as quickly as possible? Are investment banking and its cousins still the answer?

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  6. Miguel Sandoval says:

    Question: Can you be too smart for your own good?

    I have heard this used often however I tend to disagree that you can be too smart for your own good. The only example I can think of are Iran Nuclear Scientists being assassinated. Can you conjure up different examples besides persecution?

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  7. Matt says:

    Speed kills – can you discuss the relationship between highways speed limits and wrecks/injuries. Why does America have such slow speed limits compared to the rest of the developed world (Especially our buddies in the EU), also what is the cost of those slower speeds in terms of lost production etc…

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  8. frankenduf says:

    i think that one of ur topics was test forensics: how u can analyze test result data to discern if the results were doctored- have u heard of any such analysis for financial fraud? eg. are there any post hoc analyses of accounting fraud that may help to detect when firms are currently cooking the books?

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