Guns and Peanuts

Saw this ad for peanuts in the subway this morning. It was doubly jarring. First, because I am not used to seeing the word “peanut” in public unless it is followed by the word “-free,” as in “peanut-free school,” “peanut-free party,” “peanut-free environment,” etc. And second: because the kid in the ad is holding a couple of toy guns! Many parents I know don’t let their kids play with any sort of toy gun, ever. (I happen to not be one of those parents.) As a result, their kids — their boys, mostly, to be clear — just make guns out of sticks, rulers, broomsticks, pens, fingers, etc.

I guess if you’re making an ad for one product that people are squeamish about, you might as well double down and go for the full effect.


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  1. Steve Cebalt says:

    The only problem with this ad is weak execution of a trendy idea. The “superkid” theme is very widely used these days in advertising, to the point of becoming a cliche. You’ve seen images like this one:

    Super Food for kids with Super Power is the well-worn notion, but it’s just not particularly well done here.

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  2. Rick says:

    Semi-serious question. Are all these kids who have developed a peanut allergy over the past 30 years also allergic to other types of legumes like green peas? If not why not?

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  3. Gary says:

    What’s that graffiti comment in the upper left say?

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  4. John Grieve says:

    only in America!

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