FREAK-est Links

  1. A German cafe offers free coffee, but charges by the minute for seats. (HT: David Wigram)
  2. Harvard and the Rockefeller Foundation to offer social impact bonds in several states.
  3. In Spain, a new step in dog-waste management: unscooped poop is hand-delivered back to the owner. (HT: Peter Kauss)
  4. The power of words and names. (HT: RealClearScience)
  5. New study shows that lack of sleep decreases men’s ability to determine if women want sex or not. (HT: V Brenner)
  6. Hummus: the past and the present
  7. Color study: red affects men more than women.

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  1. Dan M says:

    I’d be interested to know if that German cafe serves their coffee as piping hot as possible so it takes a longer time to drink…seems like there’s an incentive there

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