Your Singapore Suggestions, Please

I will be in Singapore soon — first visit — with only a little bit of spare time but I’d like to see and learn and do some worthwhile things. Suggestions? Many thanks in advance.


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  1. Adrian says:

    Take a taxi through Orchard road and marvel at Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (a system surely designed for the economist!) It changes prices dynamically and is revised every few weeks to balance congestion and even accounts for school holidays.

    Have some chilli crab at East Coast Parkway (ask locals for a recommended restaurant)

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  2. AL karcher says:

    Eat some durian. On second thought, maybe not…yuck.
    The Zoo has a great night safari.
    The Botanical Gardens were nice, but plan to sweat a lot. One would think there would be more shade in a ‘garden’.
    Sentosa is nice if you want some beach time, and if I recall, you can take a cable car there and back which will give you great views of the city.
    And don’t forget to take your picture with the Merlion!

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  3. Jeysthur says:

    Welcome to Singapore! Try our chicken rice, laksa and durian. Visit our food centres.

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  4. M Cruz says:

    (I posted a shorter version of this on Facebook as well)

    If you’re here on a Sunday, Little India has great food, and is packed with male Bangladeshi construction workers (Sunday is their only day off, so they flock there to mingle and get shopping done) Geylang also has great food, and a weird mix of tolerated prostitution (again, mostly foreigners) with gentrifying neighborhoods. The National Library is impressive in its size, as well as the Asian Civilizations museum.

    Mostly, though, eat. I know plenty of good hawkers :)

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  5. Laremy says:

    Go on a tour of the Kranji Countryside and/or Pulau Ubin before they disappear.

    Alternatively, hit me up and I’ll bring you around if our schedules are in sync.

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  6. richard says:

    Singapore Zoo’s Night safari; you can’t see the fences so looks like the lions can get you!

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  7. Keith Fitzgerald says:

    I’ve been living in Singapore for 14 years (from Boston). Can definitely help you with contacts, restaurants/food, things to do, and places to see. Of course, you’ll have to try chili crab and black pepper crab (if you eat seafood). Happy to help you find the good stuff — and avoid the cliches.

    Big fan of the book and your work. Look me up when you’re there. Cheers.

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  8. David Chung says:

    Would you come by to the Google office in Singapore and give a talk? :) I’m visiting Singapore myself for work (also for the first time) — going to be there from tomorrow through next Tuesday! Come visit Google!

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