Gay Rights in Russia? Nyet

(Photo: Peter Gray)

Gay marriage and gay rights have dominated much of the U.S. news over the past week. In Russia, meanwhile, from the Associated Press:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a measure that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. …

The ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values over Western liberalism, which the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church see as corrupting Russian youth and contributing to the protests against Putin’s rule.

Hefty fines can now be imposed on those who provide information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to minors or hold gay pride rallies.

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  1. anonymous says:

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    • george says:

      Unfortunately this is in itself a “Mule-headed, ignorant, fearful, backwards” statement. Hate in response to hate.

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    • Gerard O says:

      “The whole world is moving on with regard to human rights, gay rights, and they are burying it”

      You have never been to America I presume, where mass incarceration of blacks is the new slave/ segregation era…two and a half million prisoners versus world’s largest country India’s 200,000. A new caste system.
      Putin is simply borrowing from sleazy American politicos who for four decades now have used gay rights as a big ticket election item. Nothing more

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  2. Andreas Moser says:

    Oh, if it was only Russia. But even here in Lithuania, after all an EU member state, it’s not much better:

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  3. Dottie says:

    Russia has a demographic problem. Their population is shrinking. Gee, maybe they have a point. The reason the gov ernment should care about marriage. Procreation of the future generations.

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    • george says:

      I wonder if one of the primitive motivations behind anti-gay mentality is the fact that a homosexual relationship cannot propagate our species? Is anti-homosexuality an example of a collective subconscious instinct for the survival of our species?
      This is in no way a comment for, or against, gay marriage – only a question.

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      • Bris123 says:

        Because the one thing the world needs is more people :-/ Besides, if that were the case, why not advocate fertility treatment/surrogacy programs for gay couples?

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    • G.E. Hoostal says:

      True. Countries that take responsibility for their people not dying out have always had such policies. Russia is devoutly Orthodox Christian, & all sexual activities that are not specifically for the purpose of reproduction have been prohibited in the Orthodox Church since it was founded by Christ Himself—no Orthodox doctrine has ever changed. Sodomy is condemned in the Book of Romans, even (hard to believe for some) contraception is prohibited (as pharmakeia, which is specifically called contraception by Hippolytus) in the Book of Galatians, and in the Didache, 1st c. catechism, part of the law of the Orthodox Church. The Church Fathers even prohibit ‘Natural Family Planning’ (‘natura’ means ‘birth’ & ‘family planning’ is a term of propaganda from Margaret Sanger, eugenist & friend of the KKK, who was trying to get the black race to die out & would have been glad to do the same to Slavic ‘Untermenschen’ of Russia) which is allowed by the Catholic Church, but has the same result as all these other practices: no or very few children & the people dying out. Some teachings of the Church Fathers, all still as relevant & holy as ever: ‘To have coitus other than to procreate children is to do injury to nature,’ & ‘Because of its divine institution for the propagation of man, the seed is not to be vainly ejaculated, nor is it to be damaged, nor is it to be wasted.’ —St. Clement of Alexandria. ‘They drink potions to ensure sterility and are guilty of murdering a human being not yet conceived.’ —St. Jerome on heretics. ‘God gave us eyes not to see and desire pleasure, but to see acts to be performed for the needs of life; so too, the genital [“generating”] part of the body, as the name itself teaches, has been received by us for no other purpose than the generation of offspring.’ —Lactantius. ‘ Is it not you who used to counsel us to observe as much as possible the time when a woman, after her purification, is most likely to conceive, and to abstain from cohabitation at that time, lest the soul should be entangled in flesh? This proves that you approve of having a wife, not for the procreation of children, but for the gratification of passion.’ —St. Augustine against the Manicheans (heretics). ‘For thus the eternal law, that is, the will of God creator of all creatures, taking counsel for the conservation of natural order, not to serve lust, but to see to the preservation of the race, permits the delight of mortal flesh to be released from the control of reason in copulation only to propagate progeny.’ —St. Augustine, Against Faustus (a heretic), AND proving your point!

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