Selling Thigh Space

Quartz reports that a Japanese P.R. company is paying women to wear advertising stickers on their thighs:

Advertising on women’s skin appears to be much more cost-effective than forking out exorbitant sums for public billboard space. In 2012, the overall expenditure on ‘outdoor’ advertising in Japan was ¥299.5 billion ($2.99 billion) (pdf). The going rate on each thigh, according to the company, is $121 per day. The 3,000 Japanese women who signed up to participate will slap stickers on their thighs in exchange for that sum. The campaigns, which began rolling out earlier this year, so far have included plugs for the movie Ted and the band Green Day.

The agency has a few requirements for its walking billboards: they must be over 18, have at least 20 friends on social networking sites, and must post pictures of themselves wearing the sticker in two different geographic locations.  The agency also “recommends” that the women wear miniskirts and long socks to draw attention to the ads.  “It’s an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement, as this is what guys are eager to look at and girls are eager to expose,” Hidenori Atsumi, the agency’s CEO, told ITN.

(HT: Marginal Revolution)


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  1. Mick says:

    Sign of the Apocalypse #343. Almost as sacrilegious as billboards on the ivy outfield walls at Wrigley Field.

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  2. Min says:

    This reminded me of a previous post here ( that mentioned how Japanese men fetishize “absolute territory” or “zettai ryouiki,” that space between the socks and the skirt.

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  3. bob says:

    $15/hr ($30 if both thighs) (assuming full-time of 8 hours/day) for walking around and showing off your thighs to guys, not too shabby.

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    • Caleb B says:

      Even better considering you don’t actually have to wear them for longer than it takes to take a picture.

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  4. Steve Nations says:

    Let’s hope Anthony Weiner doesn’t find out about this idea.

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  5. Ross says:

    $121 is a not a bad freelance rate in this economy. And presumably you can do this on your way to/from other work.

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  6. Phillip says:

    Another great job for women, but what about for men? I don’t look too good in a mini-skirt.

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    • Mark says:

      Men can put ads on their forearms! The government’s annual summer Cool Biz energy-saving campaign is underway here in Japan and men are encouraged to wear short-sleeved shirts in the office. So lots of bare male forearms are available. Although men with hairier arms might have to do some waxing first. Men who work outdoors and who can wear sleeveless shirts would have more ad space available and could charge a premium rate.

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    • hanmeng says:

      For some women, that is. Even with their larger available space, I don’t imagine that advertisers would plump for American- (or now Mexican-) sized thighs.

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