The Burger Debate Catches a Second Wind

(Photo: zaneology)

Remember this blog post in which a reader asked if the McDouble is perhaps “the cheapest, most nutritious, and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history”? It spawned a lot of commentary on the blog and we followed it up with a Freakonomics Radio podcast

Now the question has been taken up by many others, spurred on by a N.Y. Post column by Kyle Smith and echoed by, among others, Yahoo! and the Wall Street Journal in this country and, in the U.K., the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Times.

I have gotten about one zillion media requests to talk further about the story but I am busy writing so I had to turn them down.

If you scroll through the comments on the links above — the Yahoo! post has more than 4,000 comments as of this writing — you will likely be struck, as I was, by how great Freakonomics commenters are compared to the rest of the world. Literate, lucid, knowledgable, and even when you get enraged you manage to say something useful.

All hail the readers of this blog!

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  1. Gene says:

    “I don’t often comment on blogs, but when I do it is always at Freakonomics. Stay Lucid and Concise, my Friends”—Dos Equis Guy. :)

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  2. Caleb B says:

    Freakonomics blog is nice because commenters are expected to be able to back up what they write with sources, data, and studies. Even studies should be linked an open gated. It keeps the discourse civil, i think. I’ve been humbled at least a couple of times by other readers who knew more than me about certain subjects (light truck accidents, chicken intelligence).

    Stay classy, Freakonomics.

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  3. James says:

    It’s why I like this place. Even the comments I disagree with are often thoughtful, instead of just angry sloganeering.

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  4. John Glenn says:

    Anyone know why the McDouble is 1,39$ in Canada, a whopping 39% more?

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    • Steve says:

      I was traveling on the NJ Turnpike yesterday and I got a McDouble for $2.69. Perhaps they read your post and realized it was undervalued,

      Yes, I realize everything priced higher on those monopolistic rest stops :)

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    • Scott says:

      Taxes. Canada has a VAT

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    • steve w says:

      Sure that’s easy, National healthcare. And ask any Canadian who had to go down to the USA for a critical operation how well that is working out. the real question is: where are Canadians going to go after Obama gets done ruining the best healthcare system in the world?

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  5. J. D. Smith Jr. says:

    Nothing is as unfair in argument as irrefutable fact and unassailable logic.

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  6. Steve Nations says:

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    • James says:

      Why on earth would any sane person put private info in a public space?

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      • Steve Nations says:

        Does that question apply to the Freakonomics authors and the writers of these posts too, James? Or just the commenters? I’m not asking for your social security number, or a full set of dental records. I don’t think my name is private information, and I’m not afraid to post it. Anonymity breeds a callous disregard for others. That’s generally true for car drivers and blog commenters.

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      • Caleb B says:

        There isn’t any upside of using your full name, only downside. What if a future potential employer doesn’t like some comment you made about politics and you don’t get a job?

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  7. Valerie Cady says:

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  8. Zane Aveton (@zaneology) says:

    Yay! And, that’s my hamburger pic – I feel so special right now.

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    • Steve says:

      Zane, Zane, Zane….shaking my head….why would you call your masterpiece of a McDouble a “hamburger pic”, they are so different.

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