How to Sell Ice Cream in Cold Weather

From Eric Kirkland, a photo of an ice-cream shop in Colorado Springs with a weather-sensitive customer-loyalty plan:


Eric adds: “I for one am looking forward to some sub zero days this winter.”

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  1. Sam says:

    I have lived in COS for quite a while and this is one of my favorites. Yes, I have trekked there in very cold weather to rack up punches.

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  2. Steve (no, not that one) says:

    There’s a chain around us that gives you a free second scoop anytime it’s raining or snowing when you order. Good idea for a place that only has walk-up windows.

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  3. BonafideView says:


    Vivid memories of ice cream shops shuttered and closed for the winter season remain from my youth in Duluth, Minnesota. Implementing the card’s incentives for winter ice cream purchases could prevent any future generations of Duluthians from experiencing the somber images.

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  4. AndyK says:

    Ben and Jerry’s did something like this in their original store. They called it POPCDBZWE- Penny Off Per Celsius Degrees Bellow Zero Winter Extravaganza.

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  5. seadeer says:

    In my home town in Siberia there are ice-cream booths on the streets, selling mostly different kinds of ice-cream on a stick. They stay open through winter. Eating ice-cream on a stick while walking down a street bundled up toes to nose, in below-zero weather, with snow crisply crunching under your feet – yep, we Siberians are weird like that.

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  6. Alexandra Petean-Nicola says:

    That is a funny but i guess effective way to win customers in your slower period of the year.

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  7. Brian says:

    When I was visiting Quebec, a fast food place would give you 1% off for every degree below Zero. Getting 25% off made venturing outside not quite as bad.

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