Question of the Day: What Do You Want to Know About Interesting People?

We are setting up a new series of interviews for Freakonomics Radio in which we’ll identify interesting/accomplished/prominent people and ask them a series of Freakonomics-ish questions, ranging from their professional accomplishments to personal quirks. I am eager to hear your suggestions on both:

  • The people you’d want to hear from; and
  • What kind of questions you’d like to hear them asked.

No idea is too big/small, outlandish/traditional, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nathan says:

    One or two spaces after a period?

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  2. Saúl madrigal says:

    LOUIS C.K. Ask him about his
    Ideas on selling his material, show tickets
    On line, and how he uses so little money on producing a Great show

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  3. mikemenn says:

    Warren Buffet!

    Can anyone (realistically) become like yourself, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. or does it take some degree of intelligence, foresight, imagination or luck?

    What’s your advice to parents to prepare their children for the future? And how young should they start?

    What are some good philosophies or true-isms you live your life by? Have any of those changed as you’ve gotten older?

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  4. Brian Person says:

    Steven Berlin Johnson.

    Peer Progressive, Emergent and self organization principles of cities. Where Good Ideas Come From. Seems like he’d fit right in on Freakonomics Radio.

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  5. Jimm Simon says:

    I’d like to ask a wide variety of well know and/or successful (what is success by the way.). If they feel interesting, if yes when did they start to feel interesting? Do they consciously try to be interesting I.e. Is it brand management aimed at self promotion or is it tied to something else like their job or social engagement. Is being interesting part of the recipe for success?

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  6. Lauren says:

    Susan Cain. How we can better leverage introverts (like Warren Buffet) and “soft power” in business.

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  7. Rd says:

    Robert sapolsky!!!! He studies how stress affects behavior in savanna baboons, but what’s really interesting is that they are exactly like us! His results translate to office relationships in the developed world to a T. He’s also a great storyteller (multiple books and broadcasted talks)

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  8. TWL says:

    If known primarily for the arts, government or academics, what would you pursue in the business world and why? No fluffy answers please (“Truth, Justice and the American Way” doesn’t cut it).

    If known for business, what art would you pursue? What attracts you to it?

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