A Baby Name That Really Tells You Something About the Parents

The underlying point of everything we’ve ever written about baby names is that the name is essentially the parents’ signal to the world of what they think of their kid — whether it’s a signal of tradition, religion, aspiration, affiliation, or whatnot.

Here is a very pure example of that principle: a baby named Colt .45 Stratemeyer. It’s via Jim Romenesko, from a birth announcement in the Tillamook (Oregon) Headlight-Herald:

Colt .45 Stratemeyer was born Nov. 26, 2013 at Tillamook Regional Medical Center. He weighed seven pounds, two ounces. He joins his older brother, Hunter Allen Stratemeyer, 3. Baby Colt’s parents are Joshua and Rebekah Stratemeyer of Toledo.

I assume the announcement is legitimate, though I can’t say for certain. I am guessing there are fiction writers out there who could write a short story or maybe even a novel with no more inspiration than this birth announcement.

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  1. doug says:

    Call DYS on these parents, ASAP.

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  2. Andres Velasquez says:

    White trash or neo-nazis?

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  3. Matthew Cecil says:

    “or whatnot…” Lol… What a discrete and polite way of avoiding the discussion of our gun wielding culture in America.

    I applaud your sagacity…

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  4. Algoss says:

    Named after the Malt Liquor the parents were drinking when he was conceived?

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    • Matthew Cecil says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Lew says:

        No reason to bring race or political affiliation into the discussion. It was a funny comment. Chill out.

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  5. KatF says:

    One of my favorites from our local paper was a little girl given the first and middle name of Symphony Chardonnay.

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  6. Mark says:

    Since it is Colt (dot) 45, he is named after the Gun, and not the Malt Liquor.

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  7. Teaven says:

    Really? Hope this does work.

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  8. Nancy Man says:

    This reminds me of 12-Gage.

    According to the Oklahoma State Health Department, a baby born in OK in 2008 was named 12-Gage.

    Another, born the same year, was named Trigger.

    I skimmed a few of the earlier years (OK only has ’04, ’06,’ 07 and ’08 online right now) and on the ’07 list found a Swostika.

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