FREAK-est Links

  1. Israel’s folding car can park in a motorcycle parking spot. (HT: Yehuda Simon)
  2. The economics of online dating: an economist explains the marketplace of online love.
  3. The perverse incentives of prestigious science journals.
  4. Not just a piggy bank: toys to encourage financial literacy.

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  1. NZ says:

    I’m surprised about the folding car. Not the fact that it’s been developed, or the fact that it was developed by Israelis, but the notion that it was developed FOR Israelis:

    Israelis have an abnormally high TFR for a developed country. That means lots of kids to cart around. If there’s one place where a non-luxury, non-sporty 2-seater isn’t going to sell well, I’d think it’d be Israel.

    OTOH maybe riding the bus in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv isn’t as nice an experience as it used to be.

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