Why No Work for a Rob Ford Look-Alike?

From a Canadian reader named Barry Neelin:

I am constantly being asked if I am Rob Ford.  Some say we could be twins. I want to be able to offer corporations my Fordability to advertise their products using Mr. Ford’s facial recognition. I have had no luck. Some say this is unusual in that he has selling appeal. I consider my freak ways of decision-making reliable, but I am up against a wall. Your thoughts would be appreciated. See attached pic:

barry neelin and rob ford

I guess the first step for Barry would be to determine what kind of corporations are open to using “his Fordability to advertise their products.” Any thoughts?

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  1. Doug Ford says:

    As his brother, I think it would be hilarious if Barry wondered the streets of Toronto right now, as everyone thinks Robbie is currently in re-hab (he’s really hanging out in our sister’s basement).

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  2. Justyna says:

    Rehab Clinics.

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  3. YesThatJake says:

    I understand Mr. Doctorow over at BoingBoing has quite the Ford fetish.

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  4. LS Toronto says:

    Why would any corporation want to associate themselves with Rob Ford? He’s a very negative image and while late night TV can, and does, mock him relentlessly, corporations usually hire look-alikes for motivation, for raising morale, etc. I really don’t see the selling appeal. He’s also tremendously controversial, and with an election going on right now, corporations are going to be very very careful about where they place their loyalties. If they mock Ford and he gets in again (which could happen, sad to say), then there could be serious reprisals – which has happened before when someone has crossed Ford’s path (or his family’s). If I were Mr. Neelin, I’d change my image and run the other way.

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  5. Bob says:

    Try selling yourself to the NFL or beer companies.

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  6. Chris S says:

    I would think that buyers in the market for look-alikes want to have the recognition moment of “hiring the original” even when the original can’t really be hired for the specific job at hand. Politicians aren’t generally seen doing endorsements!

    Demand for Barry’s services would therefore be some fraction of the demand (never fulfilled) of having Rob Ford do the same job. But we have already seen corporations and large institutions run the other way. The Canadian Football League went on record asking Mayor Ford *not* to attend the Grey Cup game! (*)

    In that environment, it strikes me that demand for Barry’s MayorFordLookAlike is going to be very low.


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  7. Jessica says:

    Isn’t the best person to hire a celebrity lookalike that celebrity themselves? I would go to the source and ask if he could use your services to take heat off himself.

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  8. Luke says:

    Assuming you’re trying to make money off of this, I think you’re looking in the wrong places. It seems unlikely that a company will want to hire you since most companies wouldn’t want to associate themselves with Ford’s behaviors. I think you would find more luck doing something comedic- see if people will hire you for events, parties, comedy shows, etc.

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