Is Microsoft Word Biased Against Microeconomists?

Considering its own company name, you wouldn’t think so. But here’s what I ran into during a recent spell-check:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.25.36 PM


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  1. plusECON says:

    They don’t even suggest a hyphenated version :(

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  2. Natalia says:

    Probably when they manage to include a decent equation editor that microeconomist can use they will also update their dictionary!

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  3. gary says:

    Interestingly they’re happy enough with microeconomics

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  4. Jerry S says:

    That there is a smoking gun… Guilty!

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  5. Steve Nations says:

    Yes, but very small economists should be very happy with the options.

    By the way, this very blog autocorrected “microeconomist” to “macroeconomist”.

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  6. Drew says:

    See that “add” button to the right? That is how you add it to your user dictionary.

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  7. VS says:

    Just as ironic, Facebook says the word “facebook” is misspelled in their comment section.

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  8. AK says:

    In my Mac (not in MS Word), when I type microeconomist it also suggest macroeconomist, etc.

    There is some reasons behind? 😉

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