Alison Craiglow

Alison Craiglow is executive producer of Freakonomics Radio and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and is chief-of-staff of Dubner Productions. She is an Emmy- and Peabody-Award winning journalist who has worked in T.V., film, print, radio, podcasts, and on the web. She is also a proud mother of five children — which is not all that different from producing: scrambling to deal with late-breaking news, meeting impossible deadlines, managing stubborn personalities, and best of all, getting a front row seat to great stories.

Greg Rippin

Greg Rippin is the Technical Director of Freakonomics Radio.  Greg grew up outside Pittsburgh, PA, and Greensboro, NC. He studied Classical Piano at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and earned a Master’s Degree in Music Technology from New York University. When not busy making the world’s audio safe for consumption, Greg is an avid homebrewer, and a student of all things beer, beer history, and beer culture.

Harry Huggins

Harry Huggins is an associate producer at Freakonomics Radio. He first joined our team as an intern while finishing grad school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, then became an associate producer at Dubner Productions, working mainly on Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. He studied communication and economics at Fordham University (Lincoln Center), where he had an L.T.R. with the student newspaper. He’s been an ice cream scooper, a barista, a Jesuit Volunteer, a Chicagoan, a Manhattanite, a Detroiter, and a Brooklynite, and he’ll always be a lover of beer, travel, and television.

Zack Lapinski

After narrowly avoiding a career in finance, Zack Lapinski joined Freakonomics Radio as a production associate. His economics degree from New York University has been put to surprisingly good use. He can be found on Manhattan’s Lower East Side where he has a decidedly uneconomical number of books.