Eric Oliver on the “Bigot Belt”

Eric Oliver is a colleague of mine at the University of Chicago. He is the author of the absolutely fantastic book Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic. He has some new and interesting insights on the “Bigot Belt,” which he has generously written up for the Freakonomics blog. The Bigot Belt By […]

Freakonomics Quorum: What is the Right Way to Think About the Obesity ‘Epidemic’?

Is obesity really the Black Plague the media makes it out to be? Is the "overweight epidemic" real? We've assembled a team of prominent economists, doctors, authors and experts to offer inside views on health, nutrition, and whether America is eating itself to death.

Quarter Pounders With Cheese for Everyone!

The prices at McDonald’s didn’t go down yesterday, but eating fatty foods nonetheless just got a lot cheaper. A new study released by the CDC is described in news reports as follows: The death toll from obesity is less than a third of the government’s previous estimate, researchers are reporting today, contradicting warnings that poor […]