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The Monster Smash

We’ve been following James Altucher‘s continuing social experiment around the idea of ad-agency disintermediation — JungleSmash, a cash contest where people compete to make the best commercial for a product of James’s choosing. The submissions are in for the latest product: Monster Energy Drinks. It’s a little graphic, but “Garage Can-Opener Massacre” is definitely worth […] Read More »

The Forever Portfolio

The Forever Portfolio, spotted this week in the Nashville airport. Our friend James Altucher has a new book out, The Forever Portfolio, which is an investment book — the subtitle is “How to Pick Stocks That You Can Hold for the Long Run” — but it is also full of James Altucher stories about poker-playing […] Read More »

JungleSmash Has a Winner … and a New Contest

James Altucher over at JungleSmash has awarded his first $2,000 in the Great Ad Agency Disintermediation Experiment. The first product for which he solicited homemade ads was Crest toothpaste; here are the winners. Now he’s got a new contest up, for Monster energy drinks. If a Freakonomics reader happens to win the booty, I certainly […] Read More »

Ad-Agency Disintermediation, Cont'd.

We blogged not long ago about our friend James Altucher‘s experiment called JungleSmash — a cash contest for people to make their own commercials about products they feel strongly about. The first product James chose was Crest toothpaste, and you can see the results here. My favorite is the one below — “Crest Wars” — […] Read More »

Is JungleSmash the New Madison Avenue?

I love social experiments, and I love how the internet is a force for disintermediation, and I love Mad Men too, so I am really prepared to love JungleSmash as well. JungleSmash is a little experiment from my friend James Altucher, whom I’ve written about here and here. From JungleSmash James also started, the […] Read More »

The Best Paragraph You’ll Read All Week

I was ugly from about sixth grade all the way through high-school. The worst was in high-school. I had braces, acne, glasses, and dark curly hair. I didn’t play any sports — my only real hobby was playing chess and I read a lot of comic books. That is James Altucher, whom I’ve blogged about […] Read More »

The FREAK-est Links

The next generation of sports viewing: fiber-optic fields. BusinessWeek profiles James Altucher. (Earlier) A case for the rationality of voting. (Related) The latest in e-mail trends: “Don’t Print Me” messages. (Earlier) Read More »

Stockpickr Strikes Again

Once again, James Altucher has turned some recent blog posts into Freakonomics stock portfolios. Here is his most recent column from, picking up on Dubner’s post about corporate thinking about global warming and Levitt’s take on risks of global warming vs. a global pandemic. Read More »