When Winning Leads to Winning: A Response

Here are two interesting follow-ups to Tuesday’s post, in which I described how basketball teams who are behind at half-time fare a bit better than might be expected. First, my friend Lionel Page points me to a related study of his, which analyzes tennis. Lionel uses a similar approach to arrive at a different conclusion, […]

When Losing Leads to Winning

Here’s my favorite new fact about N.C.A.A. basketball: teams that are behind by one point at halftime are actually more likely to win than teams that are one point ahead. This striking finding comes courtesy of a terrific new paper by my Wharton colleagues, Jonah Berger and Devin Pope. Their findings are summarized in this […]

Lost: $720 Billion. If Found, Please Return to Owner, Preferably in Cash

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller index of housing prices, home prices have fallen by about 6 percent in the United States on average over the last twelve months. By my rough calculations, that means that home owners have lost about $720 billion in wealth as a consequence. That is about $2,400 for every person in America, […]