Wii? Whee!

Maybe it was guest blogger Paul Kimmelman’s dissection of the Wii shortage, or your many-voiced response. Regardless: Nintendo is boosting its Wii production: Nintendo’s president acknowledged Friday that the shortage of the hit Wii game machine was “abnormal,” and promised production was being boosted to increase deliveries by next month.”We must do our best to […]

We Want a Wii! (Still)

I have never been a huge video gamer but, having run into the Nintendo Wii a few times in the past couple of months, I can see why it is beloved. But here’s the question: why is the Wii, which was famously scarce before Christmas this year, still so hard to buy? Paul Kimmelman, a […]

Guest Blog: Vanishing Mailboxes, Underperforming Schools, Global Warming

We are very fortunate to get some incredibly interesting and perceptive mail from readers. Occasionally, we share these queries (like here and here). We also get some hardcore snark, and we sometimes share those too (like this recent one). An e-mail that showed up the other day was so interesting that I wrote back to […]