Penn Jillette on Obama's Economic Policy

I don’t usually turn to magicians for commentary on economic policy (maybe I should), but I enjoyed this piece immensely. Storytelling is an art — one which Jillette has obviously mastered.

Penn Jillette Answers Your Questions

Last week we solicited your questions for Penn Jillette, the prolific (and, yes, libertarian) entertainer.

Among other interesting topics, your questions covered magic, politics, Scientology, and Jillette's red fingernail.

Bring Your Questions For Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette is a magician, comedian, actor, producer and, generally, a curator of interesting and intelligent things. But he is best known as the self-described "larger, louder" half of Penn & Teller, a stage show that Penn and his magician partner Teller Jillette have put on since 1975. It currently plays at the Rio in Vegas. I saw it there not long ago, and it was phenomenal.