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Inside a Religious Movement

A new Foreign Policy photoessay takes a look at the secretive, Bangkok-based Dhammakaya movement. Read More »

A Very Interesting Paragraph From …

Jewish visitors to China often receive a snap greeting when they reveal their religion: “Very smart, very clever, and very good at business,” the Chinese person says. Read More »

Game Strategy in Biblical Times

Genesis 20:1-18 tells of Abraham visiting Avimelech and offering him Sarah (who, so Abraham tells Avimelech, is his sister, when she is also his wife). Read More »

Homer Simpson: A True Catholic?

This just in from the Vatican’s daily broadsheet: “Few people know it, and he does everything he can to hide it, but it is true: Homer J. Simpson is a Catholic.” Read More »

Churches Versus Synagogues: Voluntary Donations Versus Dues

Christian churches and Jewish synagogues rely on very different financing models, yet both “appear to raise about the same amount per member,” according to a survey conducted by the Jewish newspaper The Forward (article by Josh Nathan-Kazis). While synagogue members pay annual dues, churches rely primarily on voluntary donations from members. Read More »

FREAK Shots: Creative Science

Religion and science coexisting. Read More »

The Acquisition of Taste

Will faking it make a cilantro-lover out of you? Read More »

Freakonomics Radio: ‘Faking It’

Podcast Freakonomics Radio “Faking It”: Society gets by on life’s little deceptions. So how do they work, and how did they get Barack Obama elected? Listen to a kosher-keeping bacon lover, a fake father and charlatan churchgoer, and one of the Game Change authors. Download/Subscribe at iTunes » Subscribe to RSS feed Listen Now Not […] Read More »