To Solve Our Problems on the Road: Lose the Drivers

The solution to all our driving problems?

Is It Dangerous to Drive and Listen to Sports Radio?

Another dangerous driving habit.

If You Don't Want Your Car Stolen, Make It Pink

Thieves are less likely to target brightly colored cars.

Here's One Place Where Drunk Walking Is Discouraged

A drunk-walking warning in rural South Africa.

"You Should Walk Home"?

There is a brief vignette in the uninspired movie Killers in which an inebriated guest is about to drive away after a wild party at the home of the film's two leads. One of the film's leads advises the departing guest to walk home. Readers of SuperFreakonomics will realize this is bad advice.

The Price is Right?

Increasing alcohol taxes.

Step Up With Your Best Urban-Transportation Ideas

Nimble Cities at Slate.

Closing Time?

Can - and should - we do more to control alcohol?

Appeals and Alcohol – Can We Be Persuaded to Drink Less?

What convinces people to not drive drunk?

Why You'd Rather Ride With a Woman Than a Man

Last post, I passed on some data showing that women are somewhat more likely than men to be involved in car accidents on a per mile driven basis. But men are far more likely (by between 50 and 100 percent) to be in crashes involving loss of life. Why are men's crashes so much more tragic?