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Vermont may drop D.M.V. fee for organ donors (Earlier)

Friends of nuclear power (Earlier) (Earlier)

How do food stamps affect obesity? (Earlier)

Economists predict where top recruits will play

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  1. Doug says:

    Re: Economists predict top recruits

    In the algorithm for predicting where top recruits will play, what greek symbol is used for emotion?

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  2. htb says:

    On the Vermont organ donor plan: Are they actually going to make the decision legally binding? Or will you be able to sign up for the free license and tell your family members to strenuously object to organ donation when you die, so that you get the financial benefits without the “cost”?

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  3. frankenduf says:

    Re: food stamps
    yeah, the poor people are getting fat on food stamps- we should get rid of them- and the poor black mothers are buying cadillacs with their welfare checks- we should get rid of them too

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