Hey, Paul Krugman

As noted here earlier, this recession (depression? repression?) is inspiring some pretty decent pop music.

I think the apex has been reached. Listen for yourself to “Hey, Paul Krugman,” by Jonathan Mann:

It’s a pretty great song, and not just because of the lyrics:

Hey Paul Krugman,
Why aren’t you in the administration?
Is there some kind of politicking that I don’t understand?
I mean, Timothy Geithner is like some little weasel.
Wasn’t he in a position of power
when all this sh*t went down in the first place?

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman,
where the hell are ya, man?
‘Cause we need you on the front lines
not just writing for The New York Times.
I’d feel better if you were calling some shots
instead of writing your blog and probably thinking a lot.

I mean, don’t you have some influence?
Why aren’t you secretary of the Treasury?

For God’s sake, man, you won the Nobel Prize.
Timothy Geithner uses TurboTax.

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense.
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman, where the hell are ya, man?
(Obama Breakdown)

Sing it with me!

When I listen to you, things seem to make sense.
When I listen to him, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

Hey Paul Krugman, where the hell are ya, man?
Your country needs you now.


Well done, Jonathan Mann. On the other hand, isn’t it about time for a musical tribute to Geithner? The poor guy has absorbed more battering than the last few Secretaries combined. For one day at least — yesterday — Wall Street loved him, and neither he nor the White House are taking the battering sitting down:

[L]iberal economist Paul Krugman, whose views as a columnist for The New York Times influence opinion in Congress, said the [Geithner] plan was “more than disappointing” in his Monday column. “In fact,” he added, “it fills me with a sense of despair.” He called for the government to take temporary control of insolvent banks. “That’s what Sweden did in the early 1990’s,” he wrote.

The Obama administration has not hidden its disdain for Krugman’s criticisms, and Geithner made his clear on Monday. “We are the United States of America,” he said tartly. “We are not Sweden.”

So somebody get out there and write a Geithner song already. And hey Paul Krugman: tell us what you think about your song.

(Hat tip: Kevin McDermott)

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  1. ChrisD says:

    Yeah Paul, why aren’t you in the administration??

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  2. Tom says:

    Could you imagine Krugman actually being accountable? Seeing that would be worth the price of admission (higher taxes and deteriorating value of the dollar).

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  3. P says:

    Krugman despises individual freedom and worships the state.

    He does indeed seem to fit in this administration.

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  4. BT says:

    Loved that song, if not for its content for its ingenuity.

    Krugman is so partisan that his credibility and motive outside of lefty circles is very questionable. I for one am glad he has no role in this adminstration. Krugman has a very socialist agenda and he has little to no feel of the pulse of this country and the kinds of changes they are looking for.

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  5. C. Larity says:

    If Krugman ever had any sort of power, I would immediately take out the largest loans possible. After the rampant inflation that Krugman would kick-start, those loans would cost next to nothing to pay back.

    And as an added bonus, if Zimbabwe-level inflation didn’t occur, I’m sure Krugman would create some program so that I never had to pay for my foolishness.

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  6. L . F. File says:

    You guys are soooooo Last Milennium – Paul is it man!!

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  7. BraH says:

    It’s not just pop music. On the country side of things, John Rich (half of the Big and Rich duo) was playing his new single “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” when he substitute hosted the American Country Countdown weekly show.

    This live version I found on Youtube doesn’t do the studio version justice.

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  8. Josh says:

    Stephen, I took you up on your indirect challenge and wrote a musical tribute to Mr. Geithner. I’m no Jonathan Mann, but at least Geithner gets his dues!


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