The Latest in Recession Pop

If things keep going as they are, Billboard is going to have to start a new Hot 100 chart just for songs about the Great Recession.

Earlier we posted a music video of “Fannie Mae Eat Freddie Mac and Cheese.” Here now are two more recession blues:

“Credit River,” by Constantines:

Constantines – Credit River

And “Everybody’s Getting Bailed Out (Except for Me),” by Casey Shea:

“Credit River” is noisy and apocalyptic; “Everybody’s Getting Bailed Out …” is hushed and hopeful. They are both worth a look and listen.

(Hat tip: Lily Wong)


A new Recession Pop video that will hit the Billboard Hot 100 -
N.E.R.D. - Sooner or Later

Find it posted by the record company here:


My personal favorite is an old one (1979) from Tom Paxton, typically performed by Arlo Guthrie: I am Changing My Name to Chrysler.

Arlo also did a Fannie Mae variant:

Tom Paxton has his own Fannie Mae variant:


Casey Shea is a great song writer. Check out his song Lartique on his almost unrecognizable myspace page-

Props to the Times for writing about local artists.


casey shea is an immensely talented songwriter. great to see the times covering one of nyc's finest.


Amazing video !
Amazing Lyrics !

Such a agony !


Casey Shea dominates the New York music scene. I am glad he is getting some much deserved attention.



I've been a constantines fan for years, and freakonomics is the last place i'd expect some love. well done!


Great to see Shea get some much deserved love.

Tom Daly

There's a new song about the recession, "Prayin' For Rain" by a local band from Long Island called "Who Are Those Guys".
You can hear it at their website: