A SuperFreakonomics Quiz: Name This University of Chicago Alum

I ran into someone the other day whom I had never met and who fit the following five criteria:

1. He/she attended the University of Chicago.
2. He/she is still alive.
3. He/she is a whole lot smarter than I am.
4. He/she is a whole lot more famous than I am.
5. He/she is even more controversial/notorious than I am.

There a lot of people who satisfy many of these criteria (especially #2 and #3), but I think the set of folks who satisfy all five of these criteria is not very large.

SuperFreakonomics schwag to the first blog commenter to correctly identify this person.

Addendum: We announce the winner here.

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  1. Ted says:

    Michelle @287:

    No, it’s trickier than that. We have to guess who we think *Steven* thinks is smarter than him. And more famous, and more notorious, etc.

    It’s tough … do you pick someone who is very old? (He/she is still alive.) Someone, like Myron Scholes, who is perhaps notorious (thanks to the bad day derivatives have had) even if you couldn’t pick him out of a line-up? Do you particularly pick economics folks, or avoid them assuming Steven has already met them?

    But yeah … Tucker Max is probably a long shot. But he did go to Duke Law School, so who knows? Steven didn’t say liking the person was a criteria. And Mike Nichols, another long shot? He’s married to Diane Sawyer, and Steven just appeared on Good Morning America…

    Yeah, yeah, I know … I’m getting desperate here. Soon I’m going to start making up names. Or redefining “famous” to mean “names I can spell.”

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