Freakonomics Schwag

Whenever we run a contest or quiz on this site, we offer the winner/s some kind of prize. Until now, we’ve never gotten around to showing what the prizes look like. So here, friends, is our current assortment of Freakonomics schwag. The T-shirt and yo-yo are, as they say, unavailable in any store. (So is Don King, as far as I know.)

Freakonomics signed bookThe hand-signed book. Occasionally we run out and instead send a copy with a signed bookplate (see below).
Freakonomics yoyoThe yo-yo; back story here.
Freakonomics calendarThe 2008 fact-a-day calendar, produced and sold by Barnes & Noble.
INSERT DESCRIPTIONThe T-shirt, worn here by occasional Freakonomics research assistant Dean Strachan, shown about to clock Don King.
Freakonomics bookplateThe signed bookplate. You can actually get one of these anytime you want, for free, here.



Freakonomics schwag? Really? Are you printing the book on hemp paper?


"Swag! Stuff We All Get. I basically decorated my condo for free with all of my swag."

-Steve Carrell, The Office


Hey SJD!

who won your children's book giveaway?


Definite Clockwise by my perception...

Going to have to share this one ;)


both - thought i was losing it

Robert Lawrence

My college major was history, I am a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins, and the dancer is rotating clockwise.


Definitely Clockwise, and can't manage to see it the other way. Majored in psychology, occupations programmer, mother, homemaker. I've always been spatially oriented - for example I always knew where I'd parked my car but could never remember peoples' names and faces.

Joseph Castillo

My degrees are in Electrical Engineering, I am now retired from a TLA (Three Letter Agency). I can see the dancer spinning either way.

eli baker

Counter-clockwise, but with enough staring, I can also see her spinning clockwise.

college: geology (B.S) and geophysics (rgaduate degrees). I work as a research scientist in geophysics.

Luis Luque

Definitely clockwise. But if I look about six inches away from it and use my "peripheral vision," it changes direction to counter-clockwise.

College: B.A., behavioral science teaching, M.P.A., public administration, but currently working on an M.F.A. in creative writing.

Shannon Lee Mannion

No matter how long I stare at the dancer, I can see her turning clockwise, only. And I wouldn't want it any other way.
I am a liberal arts major and work as a columnist with a large city daily in Ottawa, Canada.

Posted by Shannon Lee

Shiv Bhanot

I am a advanced laparoscopic surgeon, can see mainly clockwise, but on focussing it changes to anticlockwise. It must be related to variations in central and peripheral vision in different people at more than one level, to change in a such a subtle manner repeatedly.


I think it is a hoax. I see her spin both ways and it changes. I have tallied some of the results as follows:
13 spins counter clockwise
5 spins clockwise
17 spins counter clockwise
3 spins clockwise
8 spins counter clockwise
42 spins clockwise
7 spins counter clockwise
2 spins clockwise
11 spins counter clockwise etc....
I even had a co-worker watch her with me. She changes direction on her own. It has nothing to do with the viewer.

I am an Accountant with an MBA


I looked at Barnes and Nobles. They are selling 206 desk calandars but no freakonomics calandars. They're even selling 2007 calandars. Who would buy a 2007 calandar?

Also, WTF is this?

So I have to know that Al Sharpton catches a chill on a plane to get a calandar?


NE 37 Giants 23


Steve Jobs releases an update for the iPhone that will rock the world, a Paris Hilton News blocker!

Stefan Zaklin

Giants: 34 Patriots: 31

pasquale ruggieri

patriots:28 giants:20

Malcolm Ross

Conifidence over fearful.

eric in Vancouver

Don Mattingly?