When A Daughter Dies

Not too long ago, I wrote about my sister Linda, who passed away this summer.

Nobody could love a daughter more than my father Michael loved Linda. 

My father (who is a doctor) was realistic from the start about what modern medicine might be able to do to save his precious daughter from cancer.  Even with those low expectations, he was shocked at how impotent -- and actually counterproductive -- her interactions with the medical system turned out to be.

Here, in his own words, is my father's poignant account of my sister’s experience with medical care.

Linda Levitt Jines, 1962-2012

It is with great sorrow that I share the news that my dear sister Linda Levitt Jines passed away last month after a short but valiant battle with cancer.  She was fifty years old.

My very first instinct, as I sat down to try to eulogize Linda, was to call her to ask her to write it for me.  Pretty much all my life, when faced with something that called for just the right words, that is what I’ve always done. 

Most famously this happened when Dubner and I were halfway through writing a book that meandered from one topic to another and had no theme.  Between the publisher, Dubner, and me, we had generated a list of perhaps fifteen terrible titles before we ran out of ideas.  I knew with complete confidence that Linda would have the answer. 

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