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Get your freak on: Freakonomics T-shirts now for sale

If you were not fortunate enough to win a Freako t-shirt in the giveaway, they are now available for sale through our friends at Click here for the link.

On the way, we are told, are Freakonomics baseballs hats, mugs, and pocket protectors.

(Just for the sake of full disclosure, is run by Linda Jines. If you memorized the acknowledgments to our book, you will know that she is the one who came up with the title “Freakonomics” for our book. She also happens to be Levitt’s sister. She has been grumbling about her compensation for coming up with the book title –a firm handshake and a family-size bag of Twizzlers– so we told her we would publicize the t-shirts on our blog.)