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Home Sweet Home

In light of Freakonomics’ commercial success, you might think that I would hold the title of best-selling author in, say, my census tract, or at least my city block. It turns out I’m not even the best-selling author among the people who have owned my own house.

A fellow named Michael Roizen used to live in my house. The very same Michael Roizen who has done the unthinkable — knocking Harry Potter out of the #1 spot at amazon and with his new book “YOU: The Owner’s Manual : An Insider’s Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger” which is co-authored with Mehmet Oz.

Earlier, I blogged under the heading “Ghost Writers” about how more books should be co-authored (you will have to scroll down to see that particular post). Their book is one data point in support of that hypothesis.

And in another odd turn of events, it turns out that Dubner and Mehmet Oz are old friends as well.

Michael Roizen tells me that our exploits are small fry compared to the past accomplishments of folks who have lived in the house. He says that one prior owner saved Chicago from ruin and another was instrumental in the allies winning WWII.

I guess I will have to start setting higher goals, like ridding the world of terrorists. Stay tuned.