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Want to lose some money at the race track this weekend?

I’ve gotten a reputation — totally undeserved — for being able to successfully pick winners at the race track.

When I protest and tell people who approach me about it that I have absolutely no talent or secret, they never believe me. (Perhaps rightly so — if I really did have a secret, pretending I didn’t would be the right response.)

And I didn’t help my cause in the Kentucky Derby, when as a total fluke I happened to have the winner Giacomo at 50-1 as one of four horses I bet to win. Of course, I also bet to win on the horse that eventually finished last, so this should bolster my case that it was pure luck.

So I figured the only credible way to prove to people I have no skill at picking horses is to post my bets for tomorrow’s Preakness ahead of time.

I will be placing equal bets on Greeley’s Galaxy (morning line odds are 15-1), Afleet Alex (5-2), and High Limit (12-1) to win, and an exact box on those three.

The fact that I’m willing to post my picks should send you a very strong signal that they have no value. So be smart and don’t bet them!